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Glenn Greenwald über ein aktuelles Drohnenmordopfer ...

Glenn Greenwald über ein aktuelles Drohnenmordopfer Obamas. Vergesst nicht, dass Obama hier — wie auch bei den anderen Drohnenmorden — persönlich den Mord abgenickt hat. Und DIE haben die Stirn, anderen Terrorismus vorzuwerfen!
Mohammed’s older brother Maqded said he “saw all the bodies completely burned, like charcoal” – undoubtedly quite similar to the way the Jordanian combat pilot looked after he was burned alive last month by ISIS. That’s not an accident: the weapons the U.S. military uses are deliberately designed to incinerate people to death. The missiles shot by their drones are named “Hellfire.” Of his younger, now-deceased 13-year-old brother, Maqded told the Guardian: “He wasn’t a member of al-Qaida. He was a kid.”
Und alle machen weiter, als sei alles in Ordnung.
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